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7. What is  increases a men risk of infertility ? The number and quality of a man’s sperm can be affected by his overall health and lifestyle. Some things that may reduce sperm number and/or quality include:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Environmental toxins, including pesticides and lead
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Health problems
  • Medicines
  • Radiation treatment and chemotherapy for cancer
  • Age


8. What is  increases a women risk of infertility ?Many things can affect a woman’s ability to have a baby. These include:

  • Age
  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Athletic training
  • Being overweight or underweight
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Health problems that cause hormonal changes


9. Farman of  Hazrat Suliman  (A.S.)  for female  infertility solution.I received this prescription from my ancestors. Our organization has tested this prescription on about 3000 females during our 33 years practice. The prescription was prepared keeping in view the saying of Hazrat Suleman (a.s.). He was told by some fairies that there are seven reasons in females who do not bear a child. The prescription is prepared in such a way so that the actual and effective essence was extracted with latest scientific techniques, without spoiling its efficacy. Then these was packed in the form of tablets, capsules and ointment. Followings are given the reasons and its treatment. There are many reasons for infertility, I invite the females specially those who got tired due to useless treatments and still have no child, please come on our website or visit our clinic and have some knowledge about these reasons. And if you find one or many in you, then think about its cure. You will also be blessed with a child Insha Allah.Read more       http://hakimdilshad.com/farman-hazrat-suleman-a-s-2/—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–10. Unexplained infertility and its solution. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkc kjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjc;klikjicji fcjkeijkecfkefkceklfcoeklfcoefklcoefklcoeldfoekldfoelkfdoeklfooklfockofkkfckkkkkkfkfkfkofkoefkoefkcoefkoekfcokfoekfdekfdkefkleodfkleofkleoflkelfkelfkefeklfelkfelfelkkkkfckfcefkcekfoekfcekfkefkefkefkefkoekfekfoekfoekfokedfkefklefklfelfelfelfeflelfelfoekflefefeklfpoelfefpeflelkfelfplefpelfpledflpflefll;ef;efcefefpelfplpfefefefeplplplfllpllo.and read more.    http://hakimdilshad.com/unexplained-infertility-2/———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-                              11. sex problem, shahdi cours, Penis Malish and Tillajat.

ایک سروے کے مطابق ایشیائی ممالک جن میں پاکستان ‘ بھارت‘ بنگلہ دیش سرفہرست ہیں ۔ جہاں نوجوان شادی سے پہلے اپنی ابتدائی زندگی میں ہی غلط صحبت میں پڑ جاتے ہیں اور بری عادات کو اپنا لیتے ہیں۔ جن میں ہاتھ سے منی نکالنا‘ ذہنی سیکس کرنا۔ لڑکوں کے ساتھ بدفعلی کرنا‘ لڑکیوں سے مباشرت کرنا۔ بلیو فلمیں دیکھنا وغیرہ وغیرہ شامل ہیں۔جس کی وجہ سے جسمانی طور پر بہت کمزور ہوجاتے ہیں۔مثلاً۔

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12. conceiving a male baby.kgaclc kkkkkkkkkkkkkkchccccccccooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocbnbnbn;aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak;oaclkcnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaajcajafhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjjjjjjcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccRead more.http://hakimdilshad.com/choos-a-baby-boy/  —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————                                    13. What is iui-icsi- ivf and our organization.jdafhlkcv;kljdcvdl;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;kjl;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Read more .  http://hakimdilshad.com/lul-lvf-lcsl-and-our-organization/

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