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Frequently Asked Questions 

Male and female infertility problem (Farman of  Hazrat Suliman  A.S.) (Unexplained infertility) sex problem & shahdi cours, conceiving a male baby,Secondery Infertility, Bachoo Ka Soktra Pun, Ectopic-Tubal Pregnancy, Pregnancy and women Health,Male Penis Enlargement and more…


State of the Art Herbal Research and Pharmacy by

Pro, hakim (Natural Doctor) Dilshad HussainTabassum

 (Gold Medalist ) Ex-member: American Infertility Association (USA)

There are so many diseases which cause human deprived of children. On this website, we shall mention the diseases which have been treated by our institution (طب اسلامی دوا خانہ) since last 33 years extremely successfully. It’s not about one or two years, but 60 years ago my ancestors worked tirelessly on these diseases and gave the treatment highly successfully. Now since last 33 years this institution has been managed by The Chief Executive Professor Hakim Dilshad Hussain Tabassum (Gold Medalist) very diligently. Not only in Pakistan but in abroad including Saudi Arabia , UAE , Muscat , Bahrain , USA , England , Australia , Austria , Denmark , Hong Kong , Norway , Germany , Spain , Italy , Greece , Belgium , France , Sweden , South Africa , Afghanistan , Malaysia , Bangladesh , India and other countries Professor Hakim Dilshad Hussain Tabassum’s name is taken as infertility specialist with great honor and respect. If you, your friend or any associate is having the infertility problems,

immediately contact us we assure you will have children Inshaa Allha.


1. what is infertility ?

2. what is male infertility and cause ?

3. what is female infertility and cause ?

4. How is male infertility Diagnosed ?

5. How is female infertility Diagnosed ?

6. How is genetic testing ?

7. What is  increases a men risk of infertility ?

8. What is  increases a women risk of infertility ?

9. Farman of  Hazrat Suliman  (A.S.)  for female  infertility solution.

10. Unexplained infertility and its solution.

11. sex problem, shahdi cours, Penis Malish and Tillajat.

12. conceiving a male baby.

13. What is icsi- ivf and our organization.

14. What is in  iui-icsi- ivf  Expensive ?

15.  How does icsi- ivf  work and risk of future infertility ?

16. How does age affect a woman’s ability to have children?

17. How long should women try to get pregnant before calling their hakim (Natural Doctor or herbal consultant) ?

18. How will hakim (Natural Doctor or herbal consultant) find out if a woman and her partner have fertility problems?

19. How do hakim (Natural Doctor or herbal consultant) treat infertility?

20. What medicines are used to treat infertility in  women?

21. What are the different types of assisted reproductive technology (ART)?

22. Toxoplasma test +ve and solution.

23. Kinefelter, XXY-YYX chromosome problem and our organization.

24. Hypogonadism  and our organization.

25. Islami And Tibbi Sexual Tips.( secrets  of life and sexual tips)

26.  Ultimate Sex Tips from the Pros

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