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Latin NamesAloe barbadensis Mill. syn. Aloe vera Tourn. ex Linn. (Liliaceae)
English NamesBarbados aloe, Curacao aloe, Indian aloe, Jafarabad aloe
Sanskrit NamesKumari, Ghrita-kumari, Kanya
Local NamesGhee-kunwar, Ghi-kuvar, Gvar patha
Throughout India.Habit:
A coarse-looking perennial plant with a short stem, found in a semi- wild state. The leaves are long, erect and crowded in a basal rosette. They contain a sticky juice, are glaucous-green and smooth except for the spiny teeth on the margins; the flowers are yellow, in dense racemes terminating the long scapes.Principle constituents:
The leaves contain barbaloin, chrysophanol glycoside and the aglycone, aloe-emodin.Indications:
The leaf juice forms the main source of the drug. Aloes have long been in use for a host of diseases, particularly those connected with the digestive system; they have also been used for wounds, burns, dermatitis, cutaneous leishmaniasis and other skin troubles. It is used in eye troubles, spleen and liver ailments.Product range:
Diabecon, EveCare, Kilose, Antiseptic Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Rich Moisturising Lotion, DermaCare AC, DermaCare RJ, DermaCare SN cream & lotion, DermaCare ML.

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