Pregnancy & diseases

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Pregnant women and daises

Your body has a great deal to do during pregnancy. Sometimes the changes taking place will cause irritation or discomfort, and on occasions they may seem quite alarming. There is rarely any need for alarm but you should mention anything that is worrying you to your maternity team. This page offers information on some of the more common problems and treatment – click on the links below.    1. Backache   2.  Bleeding   3. Bleeding gums   4. Constipation   5. Cramp    6.Deep vein thrombosis 7. Faintness   8. Headaches   9. High blood pressure and pre-eclampsia   10. Indigestion and heartburn   11 .Itching     12. Leaking nipples     13. Morning sickness and nausea14. Nosebleeds  15. Feeling hot    16. Piles (haemorrhoids)    17. Tiredness    18. Stretch marks  19. Pelvic pain    20. Swollen ankles   21. Teeth and gums    22. Tiredness in pregnancy  23. Vaginal discharge   24. Vaginal bleeding    25. Varicose veins    26. Incontinence27. Urinating a lot  28.   Skin and hair   29. Sleeplessness   30.   feet, fingers   

1. Backache in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the ligaments in your body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare you for labour. This can put a strain on the joints of your lower back and pelvis, which can cause backache.   Avoiding backache in pregnancyThere are several things you can do to help prevent backache from happening, and to help you cope with an aching back if it does occur.The tips listed here can help you to protect your back – try to remember them every day: 

  • avoid lifting heavy objects
  • bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting or picking up something from the floor
  • move your feet when turning round to avoid twisting your spine
  • wear flat shoes as these allow your weight to be evenly distributed
  • work at a surface high enough to prevent you stooping
  • try to balance the weight between two bags when carrying shopping
  • sit with your back straight and well supported
  • make sure you get enough rest, particularly later in pregnancy

A firm mattress can also help to prevent and relieve backache. If your mattress is too soft, put a piece of hardboard under it to make it firmer. Massage can also help. Exercises to ease backache in pregnancyThe gentle exercise below helps to strengthen stomach (abdominal) muscles and this can ease backache in pregnancy:

  • start in a box position (on all fours) with knees under hips, hands under shoulders, with fingers facing forwards and abdominals lifted to keep your back straight
  • pull in your stomach muscles and raise your back up towards the ceiling, curling your trunk and allowing your head to relax gently forward – don’t let your elbows lock
  • hold for a few seconds then slowly return to the box position
  • take care not to hollow your back – it should always return to a straight, neutral position
  • do this slowly and rhythmically 10 times, making your muscles work hard and moving your back carefully
  • only move your back as far as you can comfortably

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) advises that exercising in water, massage therapy, and group or individual back care classes might help to ease back pain in pregnancy. Some local swimming pools provide aquanatal classes (gentle exercise classes in water, especially for pregnant women) with qualified instructors. Ask at your local leisure centre. Being in water will support your increasing weight. 

2. Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy

Bleeding when you are pregnantBleeding during pregnancy is relatively common but it can be a dangerous sign, and you should always contact your midwife or GP immediately if it happens to you.In early pregnancy you might get some perfectly harmless light bleeding, called ‘spotting’. This is when the developing embryo plants itself in the wall of your womb. This often happens around the time that your first period after conception would have been due. Pregnancy-diseases
Causes of bleeding in pregnancy in early pregnancy

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