Unexplained Infertility

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Unexpected infertility also has major impact to not to be parent. In this case medical science says that there must be some unexplained reasons which cause this.   There are 300 couples out of one million who suffer Unexplained Infertility. Although they have normal medical reports. This is called as Unexplained Infertility. We have treated such couples with high success rates. Medical Science still kept quiet on this topic.This message is for all those who suffer Unexplained Infertility in spite of having normal medical reports, and doctors advised them to wait for blessing happening. We advise those to come to our clinic along with their medical reports. Insha Allah they will be blessed with a child with the grace of Almighty.   Sperm plays a vital role to obtain children. There are so many diseases which cause human deprived of children. On this website, we shall mention the diseases which have been treated by our institution (طب اسلامی دوا خانہ) since last 33 years extremely successfully. It’s not about one or two years, but 60 years ago my ancestors worked tirelessly on these diseases and gave the treatment highly successfully.
Now since last 33 years this institution has been managed by The Chief Executive Professor Hakim Dilshad Hussain Tabassum (Gold Medalist) very diligently. Not only in Pakistan but in abroad including Saudi Arabia , UAE , Muscat , Bahrain , USA , England , Australia , Austria , Denmark , Hong Kong , Norway , Germany , Spain , Italy , Greece , Belgium , France , Sweden , South Africa , Afghanistan , Malaysia , Bangladesh , India and other countries Professor Hakim Dilshad Hussain Tabassum’s name is taken as infertility specialist with great honor and respect. If you, your friend or any associate is having the infertility problems, immediately contact us we assure you will have children Inshaa Allha.

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