Unmarried Boys Problems

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I am Unmarried Of age 23 from Pakistan. Due to masturbation of about 8 years, i have turned into a 100 year old man. I have a lot of problems such as: 
Weak Erection 
penis out of real shape 
Testicles of Large than normal 
hair fall 
weak memory 
general weakness 
loss of appetite 
loss of sexual desire 
burning yellow urine 
skin loosed and wrinkled 
skin color pale 
burning feet hands and skin    Respected sir,I am 26 yrs old unmarried boy. I am suffering with the problem of nightfall for last 6-7 yrs (usually 3-4 times in a month). Due to this problem many other problems arise i.e. leakage of semen with just thinking about sex, early ejaculation, weakness (lack of hardness) in organ, under weight, lack of concentration/memory (mentally weakness) etc. I am very worried about my future and married life. Please advise me how to cure such problems as i can afford other expensive treatments. Now you are only hope for me and other persons like me. Please give your best. How I can buy Kohinoor gold capsules in Punjab? I will be very thankful to you.

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