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Rickly Chaff Flower / Latjira/ Uttarane

Achyranthes Aspera or Prickly Chaff is a herbaceous plant which grows in fields and waste lands to a height of about one meter. It is quite easily identified when fully matured with the 50 cms long spikes bearing several very small greenish- white flowers which stand upright. If one should carelessly walk through a field, the spines with the seeds are sure to stick on to the clothes – a good efficient method of seed dispersal. The few leaves are elliptic or obovate but usually round.

English Name : Prickly Chaff Flower         Botanical Name : Achyranthes aspera
Sanskrit : Apsmarga                                 French: Cadelari

Assamese: Apang                                            Konkani : Kantmogra
Bengali    : Apang                                            Tamil     : Nayurivi
Gujarati   : Aghedo                                           Punjabi   : Kutri
Kannada  : Uttarane                                         Telegu    : Uttaren
Marathi   : Aghadha                                          Malayalam : Katalati
Sinhalese : Gaskar Alheba                                Burmese    : Kyiat mauk soe pyan

Medicinal Use:

1. Used as a laxative.

2. Strengthens and gives tone to the stomach.

3. Assists in expelling gases, flatulence and griping pains from the stomach and bowels.

4. Improves appetite.

5. Used for bronchitis, piles, itching.

6. Used for indigestion, discomfort or pain.

7. Used for promoting the flow of urine.

8. Used for asthma and cough.

9. Used as an anti periodic in preventing the return of such diseases which recur, like malaria. Prickly Chaff Flower for gynaecological problems Apamarga is medicinal herb which is used in treatment of various ailments. It is easily available throughout India.  Here are few remedies to cure some gynaecological problems using this medicinal herb. Since it is fully natural it has no side effects. Please take it in recommended doses only.

Latin name: Achyranthes aspera Linn. (Amaranthaceae)
Other names: Apamarga, Latjira, Prickly Chaff Flower, Chirchita

Infertility in women

If woman is not able to get pregnant due to unexplainable reason or in unexplained infertility Apamarga can be used. For this take fresh Apamarga Panchanga (leaf, flower, stem, root and fruit) (10 gm) and cook in milk (200 -300 ml). Eat this only during four days of periods empty stomach in morning. Do this for next three menstrual cycles.

Infection and swelling in uterus, vagina, Raktapradar

Grind leaves of Apamarga in water and wash affected area with this water. With help of cotton try to wash inside vagina this helps to cure infection and reduces swelling.

Leucorrhoea or white discharge from vagina

Drink fresh leaves juices (1-2 gm) of Apamarga empty stomach in morning. Do this for few day.

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