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Latin NameSolanum nigrum Linn. (Soalnaceae)
English NameBlack night-shade
Sanskrit NamesKakamachi, Kakahva
Local NameMakoi
 Solanum nigrum seed/plant for sale Black Nightshade Bot. Name: Solanum nigrum Family : Solanaceae (Nightshade Family, Potato Family) Arabic Name : Enab-us-Salab, Enab-us-Zaeb Bengali Name : Gurkamai Chinese Name : Huang shui qie, Long kui English Name : Black Nightshade, Garden Nightshade, Petty Morel, Deadly Nightshade French Name : Morelle noir German Name : Schwarzer Nachtschatten, Giftbeere, Hundsbeere, Mondscheinkraut, Saukraut, Sautod Gujarati Name : Piludi Hindi Name : Makoi, Makoy, Mako Kannada Name : Ganikayeagida, Ganikegida, ganike, Ganikesopu, Kage hanninagids Cashmirian Name : Kambae Marathi Name : Kamoni, Ghati Persian Name : Rubaah Turbuk, Angoor Shifa Punjabi Name : Mako Sanskrit Name : Kakmachi, Kakamachika Urdu Name : Makoh, Mako
It has been used from earlier times in Ayurveda along with other ingredients in heart disease. It is also stated that the berries of this plant can be eaten without danger. It appears to have been used chiefly by the Greeks as a local application to inflamed parts. In Persia it has been described to be useful in dropsy and as a diuretic. Most Arabian and Persian writers of Materia Medica describe four different kinds. Mr. M. Shariff in his supplement to the pharmacopeia of India speaks very favourably of it as a cathartic and diuretic. In 1890, the physiological action of solanine,the active principle of this plant, had been investigated by Max Perles. He found its action upon amoeboids, infusoria and ciliated epithelium cells to be that of a powerful protoplasmic poison. Distribution:
Found throughout India in dry parts, up to an elevation of 2,100 m. Habit:
S.nigrum is aherbaceous or suffrutescent weed. The leaves are ovate or oblong, sinuate-toothed or lobed, narrowed at both ends; the flowers are white, in drooping umbel-like 3-8-flowered clusters; the berries are red, yellow or black and round; the seeds are discoid, smooth, yellow and minutely pitted.

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