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Please read the following before using Marriage course

According to a survey of Asian countries, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh is listed, where the young fell into the wrong company in their early age. They get physically weaker.

• Dante of Face
• They become Lazy and sloth
• Face gets pale
• Constipation, loose motions or both
• Body aches and pain in legs
• Depreciation of appetite and sleep
• Stomach and liver system slack

After some time, when almost everything is done then he turns up these habits. He feels himself fit and cured from all the bad habits. But instead of that he is surrounded by other diseases like often wet, frequently hemorrhagic, premature ejaculation and loss of wisdom etc. then these patients begin to use medicines of making semen thicker by the consultations of their friends and do not receive any tangible benefit.


His bad actions make his physical system weaker and whenever he uses potent diet his physical system gets worse.


We have made quality and standard medicines for such patients to give them happy and joyful life.

Method of treatment

In the first month we treat night fall, frequently hemorrhagic, premature ejaculation, loss of wisdom, liver and stomach problem and urine problem.
In the second month we do treatment of physical power and sexual power. In which we use two kinds of medicine first one increases erection and sex timing. Second one is massage oil which treats obliqueness of penis, reduces deficiency and eliminates waste irregular of penis veins and blood flow is restored.

Duration of Treatment

Duration of treatment is only two months. In these two months you can take a course and live a happy and joyful life like all others who have already taken this course.

Important note

Before taking the course please read this note carefully. It is seen that patients who take course a few of them receive any tangible benefits, so happen for they lack confidence. Keeping all these things in our company has introduced various marriage courses. Like if someone has done wrong actions for five years, is he equal to the person who has done wrong actions for eight years? Also if a person has done wrong actions for 12-15 years, shall he be prescribed the medicines exactly equal to the persons with 3 years of wrong actions? It does not. I have observed these patients very well and studied them deeply in my 33 years career as a hakim. This is the reason of happiness of the patients using marriage courses suggested by me. Keeping your diseases in view, our institution has designed some marriage courses which can add happiness to your lazy and unhappy life.

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