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What Is Teratospermia?

Teratospermia is the presence of large numbers of sperm with an abnormal appearance in a man’s semen. When more than 40% of the sperm have malformations, it can interfere with fertility, and the man may have trouble getting his partner pregnant. There are several treatment options, depending on the underlying cause. A fertility specialist can meet with patients to discuss the best approach to treatment, given the situation and the end goals.A doctor can diagnose this condition by examining a sample under the microscope. The malformed sperm will be readily visible, and the doctor can determine their concentrations. When only a handful of sperm have an unusual appearance, it may not represent a serious obstacle to fertility. The doctor can also conduct some other tests to assess semen quality, such as evaluating sperm motility to see if the sperm can successfully reach an egg. The patient may have a combination of issues, not just teratospermia, that make achieving a pregnancy difficult.

 What is the cause of teratospermia

Sometimes the cause of teratospermia is an underlying disease like Celiac disease. Metabolic and hormonal imbalances are common culprits, as they can interfere with the process of sperm maturation, and may create abnormalities like unusually large or small heads or malformed tails. The doctor may recommend some tests to learn more about the situation, in addition to reviewing the patient’s chart for any signs in his medical history that might provide clues. In other cases, it may be difficult to determine why the sperm are malformed.and more… 

Herbal treatment teratospermia.

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