Top 100 sex positions help pregnant

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1a1.The Peg
She gets her man to lie down on the bed with his legs stretched out for the Peg position. She then gets on top of him and lets him enter her. As he does so, she stretches her legs out straight behind her and starts to move back and forth as fast or as slow as she likes. It’s a great position for full body contact, kissing and touching throughout. The Peg sex position is also good for well-endowed partners as he won’t penetrate her too deeply.

 2-sex-position2.The Visitor
The Visitor sex position is a great anywhere-anytime position for impromptu sex. Standing face to face, the man stimulates his partner’s genitals with his penis and then penetrates her. This is easier if the woman is wearing heels or is a similar height to her partner.If not, a table or work surface at the required height will do the trick! Have fun

 3-sex-position3.The Toad
The woman lies on her back with her legs open, while her partner lies between her legs and enters her. She then wraps her legs around him and uses her feet to guide him by putting gentle pressure on his buttocks in the Toad sex position. Both partners’ hands are free to touch and caress each other, and the woman can stroke her partner’s back and bottom. This is a very simple position for intimate lovemaking.

4-sex-position 4.Bandoleer
The woman lies on the back with her knees up towards her chest. The man kneels facing her so she can put her feet on his chest. He leans places his forearms on her knees and she reaches down to grip his thighs. She can make penetration deeper by pulling him closer In this position, the G spot gets all the action. As the man presses the woman’s knees down, the pleasure increases. Hot stuff!

 5-sex-position5.The Slide
The man lies on his back, the woman lies on top with her legs together. While he penetrates her she begins to rub up and down his body. The Slide sex position is pretty easy to master and he’ll be surprised at how much tighter you feel!

6-sex-position 6.The Rider
In the Rider sex position she kneels astride her partner but with her back to him as if in the Reverse Cowgirl, but she leans forward to balance herself on his knees. He holds her waist and thrusts upwards, while she slides up and down on top of him like a “bucking bronco”. The woman’s hands are free to play with her partner’s scrotum, while his are perfectly placed to caress her bottom. Ooh la la

 7-sex-position7.The Kneel
The woman and man kneel face to face in the Kneel sex position. She straddles his thighs so he can enter her and wraps her arms around his neck. He embraces her and moving gently up and down with his knees penetrates her. It’s the perfect position for a proper snog too!

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