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Top 20 sex positions help pregnant.   

How long will it take to get pregnant? If you’ve just started trying for a baby, you are probably wondering how long it takes to get pregnant. Unfortunately, there’s no definite time scale for conception and whilst some women may get pregnant within a short space of time, others can take a lot longer with no real explanation why However, as a general rule of thumb:

  • Around 70% of couples will have conceived by 6 months.
  • Around 85% by 12 months.
  • Around 95% will be pregnant after 2 years of trying.

Many other couples will take longer which could mean there is an underlying issue affecting conception or you simply need to have more sex! If you’ve been trying for at least a year without any joy, it might be time to see a fertility expert who can assess you both and confirm any problems that might be hindering your chances.  Does timing intercourse work? Many of us believe that timing intercourse close to when we ovulate is a sure-fire way to produce ababy. You can use an ovulation calculator to calculate your ovulation date and there are products around designed to help you pinpoint the right time for sex. No doubt, there are many couples out there who will claim this method worked wonders for them. However, there is no solid evidence to prove this theory works and whilst it might help some to feel ‘in control’ of conception, experts generally agree that enjoying relaxed, healthy and regular sex (every two to three days) that’s free of stress and complications can actually be a better formula for having a baby. Use our ovulation calculator to work out your next ovulation date.   Ovulation Calculator An ovulation calculator helps you to keep track of your next ovulation date giving you the best chance of becoming pregnant – aim to have sex a few days before and after this date. Your egg can only be fertilised for 48 hours at the most, so make sure you know your date to give you a greater chance of success. Try these top tips for conceiving How to Use the Ovulation Calculator The ovulation calculator calculates your fertility based on your menstrual cycle information. Enter your menstrual cycle dates, including the first day of your last menstrual period and your menstrual period length. Then click on “Calculate your Ovulation date” to see when the next best time to conceive will be. Although you have the best chance of conceiving during this period, try not to put pressure on yourself. Keeping calm and having regular sex remains the best way to become pregnant. Good luck! If you want to know when. your baby might be due, have a look at our due date calculator too. 

Top 20 sex  positions to help you get pregnant

Best positions to conceive

In a recent survey we asked members which sex position was the one that had helped them conceive.

We’ve compiled the top 20 positions that worked for our members.

Of course some people had no idea if a specific position was the one

that resulted in a pregnancy or they said that a mixture had helped them. 


1. The Classic/The Missionary/The Vanilla

This is an interesting variation on the classic missionary position. The woman lies with her legs open,with cushions placed under her

bottom to tilt her up for deeper penetration. The man lies on top of her and enters her, taking his weight on his arms and controlling the movements.

This intimate position is both stimulating and relaxing, allowing the couple to embrace and caress each other. The woman’s movements are limited but her hands are free to stroke her partner.


2. Doggy Style The Doggy Style sex position is an absolute classic and, like it or loathe it, it’s one that’s in every girl’s sexual repertoire. She’s on all fours. In order to hold her balance, she shifts her weight off her hands back towards her partner – she can use a rocking motion to get the rhythm she wants. He kneels directly behind her and holds her hips firmly to control the thrusts.

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